On My Glorious (Possibly) Return To Destiny

856773_401498996612077_1604691223_oI may have been quick to defend Destiny from disappointed naysayers at launch, but I actually ended up abandoning the game shortly after completing it with my one and only character.

That is, until just recently.

You see, I had the misfortune of having to send my Playstation back to Sony mere days after the game’s servers went live. By the time I received my replacement console, I was pretty far behind everybody on my friends list, so ended up soloing most of the story.

With the Vex finally defeated (the last boss was Vex, right?) I was excited to start the endgame, but I’ll admit being unprepared for quite how much repetition grinding for Vangurd Marks and Reputation in order to buy Legendaries would entail. I quickly tired of doing the same 5 or 6 co-operative Strikes over and over; stuck at level 20, simply not finding any items containing the precious Light that would allow me to advance further and tackle the game’s highest level challenges. I tried my hand at the competitive Crucible mode, but found it just as repetitive. Plus, since Vanguard Marks and Reputation are ring fenced from those garnered via the Crucible, I was effectively starting over. I did initially manage to earn some slightly better armour through post-match rewards, reaching level 24 in short order, but as the returns tailed off I lost interest and went back to Diablo III, where grinding for better items is more of a steady curve than a minefield of peaks and troughs.

The Dark Below, the first of two planned expansions for Destiny, dropped a couple of weeks ago. Although I don’t have it, the publicity around its release has encouraged me to revisit my long neglected Titan. It turns out that my time in the Crucible wasn’t entirely wasted, as at level 24 I can now comfortably tackle the Strike Tiger playlist on which I’ve recently been a regular fixture,  making a concerted effort to bag some Legendaries and (whisper it) maybe even Exotics. Mercifully robbed of their over-familiarity by my absence, the standard set of Strikes have proven a pleasant little time waster for the past few weeks whilst waiting for Santa Claus to impart his annual dollop of gaming goodness. This is the thing that divides the game’s fans and detractors; motivation to grind, or lack it, and I think my sudden desire to play Destiny again stems from how badass my friends’ characters are, and a feeling that I won’t really have completed the game properly until I’m on equal footing.

Do I want to check out The Dark Below’s new content? Absolutely, but not right now, as good ‘ol Saint Nick has dropped not one, but two games into my stocking this year. No, Destiny and its DLC will have to wait until I’ve finished training my Pocket Monsters and the Inquisition has done its work, at least.  I’ll get around to it before or when the second expansion rolls out, though, you can count on that.

See you out there, Guardians.


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