E3 2015: Fallout 4

Fallout3eIt was always going to happen eventually, wasn’t it?

Fallout 4 looks to be largely more of the same, albeit with a few extra features such as base building and a vastly improved crafting system. By this point, though, fans are so hungry for a true sequel to 2009’s Fallout 3 that even a largely iterative update will inevitably be met with an enormous, collective circle jerk and sell by the truckload. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Notably, the game’s Pip-Boy Special Edition includes a replica of the series’ famous wrist-mounted gadget into which you can insert a smartphone and act out your vault-dweller fantasies in real life. Load the necessary app onto your device and you’ll even be able to manage your in-game inventory, perks etc whilst wearing it. It’s a step up from the usual pointless lumps of plastic you get with these kinds of things, but it’s £100 and a GAME exclusive here in the UK, so look before you leap.

War never changes, and that’s just the way Fallout fans like it, it seems.


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