E3 2015: Final Fantasy VII Remake


SquareEnix famously trolled gamers everywhere at last year’s E3 by revealing a (pretty much) straight Final Fantasy VII port for PS4. The Internet couldn’t type ‘meh’ fast enough.

But it turns out that years of badgering the Japanese developer for a full and complete mulligan of their magnum opus have finally paid off, as one is now in development and coming to PS4 first.

We’ve only seen a short teaser trailer so far, but the visual style Squeenix are shooting for here is clearly similar to that of Advent Children and the PSP’s Crisis Core, which are more evocative of latter day Final Fantasy, and feature ridiculous Dragonball-style aerobatics.

To be honest, I’m torn. On one hand, I’ve never been that keen on any of the spin-off offerings because they  stray too far from Final Fantasy VII’s distinct style and into the realms of turgid anime cliché, making me wary of a remake created on such terms. Then again, we really don’t know how things will pan out at this point, and even if Squeenix do mess it up, curiousity in terms of seeing what’s been changed and how will inevitably get the better of me.

Not even a whiff of a release window for this one yet, but common sense would pencil it in for 2017; the original’s 20th anniversary.


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