Hurt Me Plenty: A Doom Retrospective


Some games age more gracefully than others, largely because our memories are pretty good at playing tricks on us. Classics from the ‘00s, ‘90s and before rarely look or play quite like we remember. Doom, however, is almost like the Dorian Gray of videogaming, in that its gameplay never seems to age a day and its graphics upscale gloriously to high resolutions. You mark my words, in a dusty attic somewhere there’s a picture of a Cyberdemon getting older. Continue reading


E3 2015: Doom 

1280x720-r1z-500x335Doom, like its distant, more lurid relative, Duke Nukem 3D, exists in something of a cultural time warp whereby concerns regarding the level of wanton ultra-violence on show are allayed by a seemingly bottomless wellspring of nostalgia.

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