10 years on, Tiberium Wars remains the best Command & Conquer ever made

Recent history has not been kind to one-time juggernaut of PC strategy gaming, Command & Conquer. 

Following a couple of high profile misfires, EA had hoped to rejuvenate interest in the series with a promising eponymous free-to-play offering set in the Generals universe. A shame, then, that its alpha test was abruptly canned in late 2013, and Victory Games, the studio set up to oversee its development, shuttered. Only the browser-based Tiberium Alliances has been left ticking over at the time of writing, itself potentially not on all that firm a footing considering that a sequel of sorts was axed before even being made public.

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Hurt Me Plenty: A Doom Retrospective


Some games age more gracefully than others, largely because our memories are pretty good at playing tricks on us. Classics from the ‘00s, ‘90s and before rarely look or play quite like we remember. Doom, however, is almost like the Dorian Gray of videogaming, in that its gameplay never seems to age a day and its graphics upscale gloriously to high resolutions. You mark my words, in a dusty attic somewhere there’s a picture of a Cyberdemon getting older. Continue reading

Steamocalypse: Of Mice, Keyboards and DRM (UPDATED 30/11)

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Legacy of The Void: The Last Great RTS Narrative?

 Originally a pre-order incentive for the upcoming Legacy of The Void, prequel campaign, Whispers of Oblivion, has now been made available to all and sundry completely gratis.  Given that StarCraft’s story will end with Legacy, this die-hard fan went in with high expectations. Perhaps impossibly so. Continue reading